Welcome to 2019 and the hobby life

Since the start of 2019 I have been hard at the hobby table at least 1 hour a night and typically more. I wake up every morning with my hands screaming from the pain of the arthritis in the fingers, but I love every minute I am laying the paint to the minis and pushing my way through the back log of assembled, primed, and half painted minis on my desk. over the last 16 days I have completed a number of models ( looked back through some pictures, but cant really count all that is there) and posted them on IG and facebook. A lot of what I have completed is for my tzeentch Age of Sigmar warhammer army, but I have finished a few minis and the Eye of the Nine warband from the Nightvault.
The other big thing that has been going on hobby life style is the game shop Not Another Game Store opened up, and I helped with the first painting day ( the next is already scheduled). NAGS also held a mini painting competition for its grand opening I entered a few things and had fun talking with the competition learning about how they do a few things. I will post more as the Shop does more as well.
I hope all who read this have(had for the time traveler) a great 2019.
Go forth and hobby.

Trap Tuesday – Sleigh Stairs

A wooden stairway heads down. This could be a straight stair case or a circular one.
Change this as needed.
Type: mechanical;
Perception DC 18
Disable Device DC 19
Trigger location
Reset repair

Stairs are all attached together and set on wheels. When triggered, it releases and slides down . Sleigh Stairs (DC 18 Dex Save or slide down, taking 3d6 damage when the carriage hits the bottom
Trap originally appered on Trap a Day

Published under OGL

Why the name Built to Die?

I choose the name quickly as a joke, but then it was so much more.

I have been playing D&D for just over a year now, and DMing for a little less time. A lot and I mean almost all of my characters have died, but fear not it was fun for most of them. The other meaning of the name of die is as in dice. That’s right I my characters are meant to play.

I look forward to going on this adventure of building this resource for a greater community.

Built to Die

Welcome to Built to die’s blog. Please excuse our dust as we build out some content here.

This project will be built up in a few parts

  1. building out the character bases
  2. building a resource list
  3. profit???

I hope you find us a great resource when building your game.