First Game of Kill Team

Disclaimer this was written in 2018 and never posted.

Amidst the looking up if rules and flipping back and forth between the 2 teams stats we threw dice. Brandon and I have been wanting to play this first game of Kill Team for a while. I had picked up some press-fit intercessors and reavers just so I could have a quick team for a pick up game and had put them together a few days prior. I do have a Tau team I am putting together and we will flesh them out in another article.

Now to the main show. We ignored a lot of rules but think we followed the intention of the game. I ran some space smurfs adeptus astartes and Brandon my opponent ran death guard

Set Up

We rolled d3 to see what open play mission we were going to play. The roll of a 4 granted us the search and rescue mission. This was our board

I choose to defend so I set up the objective markers and we placed troops.

Round 1

Brandon had initiative.

We booth moved up and did not make many hits.

Board between round 1 and 2

Round 2 I had initiative.

We had to go back and roll for the objective markers and rolled a 6 so we went down to the single marker.

I did not move much, but instead readied my troops Brandon moved up some, but readied a few of his troops as well.

Round 3 I had initiative in round 3 as well.

I moved my leader and readied the rest of my troops. Brandon moved in hard on me and advanced about 1/2 of his troops.

I took a few hits in this round loosing my sniper. we did not take anymore pictures.

Round 4

I readied and Brandon over took my position and took out my comms guy. Due to his positioning we called it as he had control of the objective and I had no real way to overtake and defend the position.

It was a fun game and I think as we understand the rules better we will have more fun.