80 points point buy

This is going to be the first post in the House rules section. I am sharing these for other’s to use, abuse, and modify as needed
Disclaimer: These are my house rules. there are many like them, but these are mine. Your DM / GM will have there own.

When Will the DM I have been playing D&D with over the last year or so was starting his latest 5E campaign it was invite only. He choose 7 of us bequeathed his rules.
“It’s 80 points to spend on base abilities. No base ability score can be above 18, however, they can be above 18 after racial modifiers. No score can be below 3.”
in that campaign we also went straight to level 3 as to get some squish out.
After playing in this campaign I liked the set up and so when I ran a Curse of Strahd game I used the dame rules. I also used them in a Tiamat session I am running as well.
I still have other methods of ability score generation, but with time for character development I like this one. Better explanation below

80 Points for Point Buy
points to ability score are 1:1
no stat below 3
no stat above 18 before racial modifier

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